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AFI develops all kinds of cosmetic product that any company may need for the cosmetics market.

This is a list of the products we can develop and customize for you even being able to offer the product in different formats.


SEQC – Spanish Society of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Pathology
Stanpa – National Association of  perfume and cosmetics (Spain)


Specific Treatments

Anti-aging, Lifting effect, Botox, Anti-spots, Firming, Oily skin, Dry skin, peeling products…

Facial care

Face masks, Serums, blisters…

Body care

Anti-wrinkle, Anti-cellulitis, reducers, firming products, Circulation products, depilatories…

Product presentations

Emulsions (creams…), Solutions (tonics, serums, sprays…), Cosmetic oils, Shower gel, Suspensions, Cosmetic muds, fillings…

Natural / BIO

Sun products

Hygiene products

Men cosmetics