Aplicaciones Farmacéuticas Industriales – AFI

In AFI we stand out by having an R & D team with a high level of expertise backed by more than 20 years in the field.

Our company has the ability to design and manufacture all kinds of products related to personal care and cosmetics. Even after the agreements that you have with our partners we can offer a wider support linking the conceptualization of the product and type of packaging.


  • Wide capacity to design (creation of countertypes, adaptation, updating and creation of formulas).

  • Design times and manufacturing very fast according to industry standards.

  • Flexibility: AFI has facilities and machinery that suits your needs.

  • Administrative and legal advice for the registration of products.

  • Development of global projects beginning from the product design up to the packaging incorporation and the sanitary registration with the related documentation.

Our Experience

Our experience led us to become one of the most important manufacturers in the cosmetic sector..

Company Foundation +20 years
Technical team +20 years
R & D development +20 years
Design & y Packaging +10 years
Legal & after-sales Services - +10 years