Development of customized cosmetic products

AFI supports its customers in the development of their cosmetic and personal care products from the following points:

  1. Creation of new product lines.Formulaciones a medida
  2. Design and development of countertypes according to the samples and customer requirements.
  3. Improvement of existing formulas and adaptation to market demand and current regulations.

Guarantee of Exclusivity: AFI contractually agree to safeguard the full confidentiality and exclusivity of the formulas with our customers.


Fabrications according to the mode of development:

AFI has facilities and equipment that suits your needs:

  • Big-scale manufacture.

    Our company can incorporate production schedules with a high production capacity allowing us to cover all the production needs of our customers.

  • Small-scale customized manufacture from a minimum quantity of: Creams – 40 kg, Tonics – 80 Kg, Biological – 10 kg. Tratamientos específicos

How we work:

  • Direct technical dialogue: you will have a technical partner to ensure that your formulation needs are met, always adapted to the specific market and the regulations for it commercialization.

  • Regular and real-time information: You will have relevant information about the state of development of your product with samples proposals, prices and expected time of shipment.

  • Product adjustment: From the initial samples, the formulation will be adjusted together with the customer in order to suit their requirements regarding active ingredients and presentation.

  • Production Planning: Once defined and accepted the final sample, a manufacturing and shipping term of the product is defined.

  • Administrative and legal advice for the registration of products:Processing and registration of all permits and generation of the necessary documents to the marketing of the product with CE certificationFor special procedures, our technical and management team will be coordinated with our customer, based on their specific document needs, to respond to their requirements.
  • Ecological certifications: if the customer needs, AFI has ECOCERT certification.
  • Logistics coordination: According to the needs of transport and logistics, we coordinate with our client the respective shipment. All our shipments have a track number for tracking which is communicated immediately to our customers.